On the Move

Yesterday I was cooking dinner while Caleb and Ella napped. Lillian was awake, so I took her into the kitchen with me. I sat her on the floor with some toys to play with and her Boppy supporting her back in case she toppled over. She was playing nicely, so I turned around to the stove to chop up some garlic for my spaghetti sauce. It couldn't have been more than a minute later when I turned around to check on Lillian and saw this:
I really wish I had been watching her, because I would love to know how she ended up all the way under the desk... Notice the Boppy sitting on the floor where she started. I guess she is anxious to keep up with her brother and sister!


Brian and Ella said...

she is such a cutie!!

Daddy and Jeannie said...

I didn't realize she was getting around so much! Guess you'll have to start keeping a closer eye on her too! Love you