Happy Birthday Mommy

Yesterday (March 25th) was my birthday, so Scott made sure to teach Caleb exactly how old I was so that he could tell
"everyone he saw" (Scott's exact words) that it was my birthday - and he did! Caleb picked out a card for me all by himself and even wrote my name on the envelope with no help! He has been writing his own name and Ella's name for weeks but this was the first time he had written "Momma" - my little man is growing up!! We started the day at Women's Bible Study (I wasn't up early enough to get my free birthday breakfast at Reececliff beforehand) and then went with some friends from church to have lunch at Chick-Fil-A. After the kids exhausted themselves playing with their friends, we came home for naps. My mother-in-law graciously agreed to watch all the kids so Scott could take me out to dinner, one of my favorite activities. We went to Texas Cattle Company because they give a free steak dinner on your birthday (with a valid FL Driver's License). This has turned into a birthday tradition for me since there is nothing I like more than a good steak and TCC's is one of the best I have tasted. We had a great time at dinner together and got some good eats - fried green tomatoes, salad, sourdough bread, steak for me and chicken for Scott. They overcooked my steak the first time so I sent it back (we don't eat out very often so I am pretty particular about food and service when we do splurge) and the second one was better (still not perfect, but I was hungry). The manager came over and apologized for the kitchen mishap and offered us free dessert!!! So this is what we ordered:

A big pile of chocolate heaven and it even had cheesecake in the middle... I have never tasted anything so scrumptious. We ate a few bites and took the rest to go, then went to Community Group where there was homemade chocolate cake, ice cream and freshly brewed coffee - I even got to blow out some candles! Needless to say, I had to work out extra hard this morning but it was all worth it. Getting old isn't so bad, after all.


Brian and Ella said...

happy belated birthday, trisha!!! i need to remember these things. i'm so glad you had a great day, including "a hot date" with your husband. i'm so impressed that caleb is writing so well; hudson is not too interested...he'll write a couple letters, but we're not quite there yet.

i am so excited you are blogging!! i'm going to add you as one of my links (if you don't mind). can't wait for more!

Charles and Heidi said...

YEA!!! TRISHA!! I have been hoping you would start your blog!! Ella sent me the address... so I will now be a faithful reader! It is one of my new favorite passtimes.. keeping up with people I love!
Happy Belated Birthday!! Sounds like it was a great one!
Your children are adorable!!