Caleb and Ella's "Hot Date"

Of course we have the usual amount of bickering that you would expect from 4 and 2 year-old siblings. Then, there are times when you hear them giggling at each other or see a shared moment of tenderness between them. Then, there are moments that make you laugh so hard you can't catch your breath, like this one:
It was Easter Sunday and I had just put the kids down to bed - a little later than usual. Scott was taking a much-needed break and hanging out with some of our neighbors in the backyard. We did the usual bedtime routine and as I left the kids in their room I was sure they would be asleep in NO time, so I decided to join our friends outside for some relaxing conversation. The kids got up once, and Scott went in to give them the "what God did to Sodom and Gomorrah is nothing compared to what will happen to you if you get out of bed again" speech. We knew this would work because it always does. After about an hour, I realized with horror that I didn't have the baby monitor outside with me and I should probably go inside and check on our 6 month-old. I came inside and heard what sounded like "mmm mmm mmm." It didn't sound like a baby whimpering, but I looked in the crib anyway and the baby was sound asleep. So I am walking through the house to see what the source of the noise was (since I am sure the older 2 went to sleep ages ago) and as I walk into the kitchen, I see Caleb and Ella sitting on the floor with their step stool between them sharing a piece of pizza and cup of water left over from their dinner. I proceed to laugh uncontrollably and call Scott into the house so he can see what is going on, Ella runs out of the kitchen crying because she thinks her Daddy is going to spank her (which he didn't) and the following conversation happened... Scott: "Caleb, what's going on, buddy?" Caleb: "I'm having a hot date with my wife. I'm 36 and she's 39 and we have 3 kids." Scott: "What are their names?" Caleb: "Troy" (he has watched High School Musical way too many times), "he's 16, Calcium his sister is 11, and Noah is 10." Scott tucked the kids in again (after finishing their pizza, of course) and we were both grateful for an amusing end to a hectic weekend.

Remnants of the hot date (the kids were asleep already)


Brian and Ella said...

yay!!! you did it! i am so excited you have a blog! that story is hilarious...i can't wait for more postings!!! we love you!

Carole said...

Oh how adorable. Even tho' we live in the same town, I don't get to see y'all enough. I can't even bribe Scott with Grapico hardly anymore. Thanks for including me.


Daddy and Jeannie said...

Love the story of the hot date; I sent it to everyone we know! Glad to hear you had a good birthday; of course the steak couldn't be as good as one of Daddy's!
Love you, Miss you too!

Just Robin said...

This will be fun getting to hear snid-bits of your life! I miss seeing you all these years!

Hi Daddy and Jeannie! I just saw a picture of you daddy, 10 years and you still look the same!

Charlene said...

I greatly enjoyed all three of your stories so far. The children are precious and you are obviously a wonderful Mother. I will certainly have to stay tuned into your blog.
Love you,
Aunt Charlene