My First Picky Eater

I have always made baby food for my kids because it's less expensive than buying jars from the store and I enjoy doing it. Caleb and Ella both loved it, but we aren't having as much luck with Lillian. I have been making various fruits and vegetables and combinations of one or the other (or both) for about a week and a half now and she hasn't been real crazy about any of it. Now, if she was the firstborn and I had oodles of time at home to sit and feed her, we could probably work our way through it - but some days I don't even remember to eat until the kids are napping, so that really isn't an option.

Today we were going to Target to buy a shower gift for a friend of ours, so while I was there I decided to get some baby food and see if Lillian liked it any better. Now keep in mind I have never bought this stuff before - so many choices!!! I felt like I was trying to pick out a china pattern or something (and it didn't help having 3 restless children in the cart). I settled on some Gerber veggies and some brand of organic fruits that were on clearance. Fast forward to a few hours later, when I fed her some garden vegetables and prunes (we are working through some digestive issues with her or I would have definitely chosen another fruit). She went NUTS for it - she loved it and just sat there like a little bird with her mouth wide open, waiting for the next bite! It was night and day compared to feeding her the homemade stuff. So I am kind of sad that I will have to cut back on my already tight grocery budget to start buying baby food, but elated that she is enjoying eating it. Don't tell the other 2, but they might start finding fruit and vegetable purees in their pancakes and spaghetti sauce. Who knew a 6 month-old could be so strong-willed and opinionated - I wonder who she gets that from... ;)


Just Robin said...

I also have always made my own baby food, if I was faced with the same situation I would save the money and keep giving her whatever I choose to make. Most of the time for me it is the same as what everyone else is having-never did I bother with baby cereals or anything like that, but I do keep some veggies and fruit ready in the freezer for when my now 1 year old can not have what we are having. Lillian will come around, who wouldn't with your cooking.

There have been a few people that asked me how I got my kids to be such good eaters, they do not get snacks (except rare occations) and if they do not like what I give them, oh well, that is what they get. Just recently for my 4 1/2 and 3 year olds I tell them they can have a salad instead if they like, and once in awhile they choose that - with "lots of sauce".

Cute picture of of Lillian :-)!

Brian and Ella said...

you are the blogging queen!! i love reading your posts!!