Lillian's Birthday Pictures

We haven't had the big "party" for Lillian's birthday yet (yes, her birthday was back in September).  The girls decided to do a "together" party this year and go to the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique at Downtown Disney.  They will each get to bring a friend and we will go dine with the princesses at the Grand Floridian after their princess makeovers.  That isn't happening until November so I have been meaning to go ahead and post pictures of her actual birthday for weeks, but it is just now happening.

We had a training at church the day of Lillian's birthday, so we ate continental breakfast there and then she got to go play with her friends in class during our training.  Later in the day, I took her to get her nails and toenails painted with a gift card I had leftover from Mother's Day.  The nail salon has an entire little room all decked out for little girls and she was thrilled to sit there and be pampered.  Later that night, we had a family dinner at Texas Roadhouse (her choice), and then came home for cake and presents.  I know she enjoyed her day, but the girls are both counting down until the big celebration in November!

Special birthday hat she got to wear at preschool the Friday before her birthday - she also took mini chocolate cupcakes for everyone in her class to enjoy.

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