Four Little Princesses

Ella and Lillian are always good about sharing resources to get something they want.  They often pool their allowance or birthday money to get a bigger/better toy they can share, which I think is pretty resourceful of them.  This year they carried it a step farther and decided on a combined birthday celebration at the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique inside Downtown Disney.  We agreed that they could each take one friend and then stepped it up a notch by adding a character brunch beforehand at the Grand Floridian.  We got to see the Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland, Marry Poppins, Pooh and Tigger.  The food spread was AMAZING (I absolutely love breakfast out) and the kids had their own section of the buffet to choose from.  I made the girls goody bags with combs; mirrors; princess stickers, wands, crayons and a coloring book; an autograph notebook and silly pom-pom pen.  The coloring books definitely came in handy when my better half was getting his money's worth at the buffet :)  I think the girls were done eating before we even sat back down at the table with our first serving of food! 

We arrived a couple of hours early at Downtown Disney so we got to walk around and window shop.  The girls were very patient while we waited for our appointment time.  The boutique was over the top, like all Disney-related things are.  It was quite an experience for our girls!  I was so star-struck by it all that I almost forgot how expensive it was (even though we did the cheap package). The neatest part of it all is that the girls can't see anything that is happening while they are getting made over, and after everything is done their "Fairy Godmother in Training" spins them around with their eyes closed facing towards the mirror and then does a big reveal for the girls to see themselves.  Their little faces lit up when they got to see what they looked like, and seeing their smiles made it worth every penny.  

 Trying to decide (with Scott's help) which of the three makeover styles they wanted

 Ella the Fairytale Princess
 Lillian is our Pop Star Princess
Kenrda also chose the Fairytale Princess, while Janiya picked the Disney Diva.  So fun that each girl picked the one that most fits their personality!

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