Celebrating A Very Special 7 Year-Old

Ella woke up on her birthday to the wonderful news that she got a new baby cousin for her birthday!  Scott's younger brother and his wife had their 6th baby (but 1st girl) in the wee hours of the morning that day.  I can't think of a more special way to celebrate a birthday and she was giddy with excitement over it!  She got to spend the morning with Scott.  His plan was to take her to breakfast somewhere, but everything was closed since it was Thanksgiving Day so I think they may have ended up at McDonald's.  After that they went to Grandaddy's house to keep him company while he smoked and fried quite possibly the best turkey he has ever made.  We spent the rest of the day Thursday doing TG stuff, and had cake for her the next afternoon.  More pics to come on the real celebration :)

 Lillian made this card for her sister.  She insisted that Ella stay away from the table while she did it and then she put it in a gift bag with tissue paper for Ella to open.

 Our "Happy Birthday" glass that I scored at Dollar Tree - she picked sweet tea to drink!
Silly Uncle Austin and some adult humor :)  Good thing only some of our kids can read.

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