After Scott being out of town last week, I was less than thrilled when this happened the very afternoon he got back, just hours after he was in Lakeland...  Noah was napping in the next room, but he slept right through the collapse.  I am so thankful no one was hurt but wow, what a mess has ensued!

I usually do fine when Scott is out of town.  I have a no-cooking rule and there is a little bit less laundry to worry about so my days are a little less hectic, but of course I miss having him here and the kids aren't happy that he is gone.  All of that to say we were so excited for Thursday to be here so we could spend some time with him, only to have those hopes dashed by a giant, gaping hole in our bedroom ceiling just hours after he returned.  Last month it was a $400 plumbing bill, this month the ceiling and next month we will have to get the pest control people here to look into some termite evidence we have been seeing.  Have we ever mentioned how much we love living in a century-old house? :)  I guess whoever put those plaster ceilings up decades ago wasn't counting on a condensation leak in the attic after the rodents ate the insulation off the AC lines.  

Our neighbor Tim came over that night to pull down the rest of the loose plaster and survey what exactly was going on in the attic.  Scott had gone up there initially, but he was concerned about walking on the ceiling not knowing how sturdy it was.  Thankfully Tim is a lot smaller than Scott is!  I had a mild hissy fit when he was here, not aimed at anyone in particular but just because I was so overwhelmed by everything and I was so looking forward to some time with my husband that night that I knew I wasn't getting... not to mention being a single parent all last week while Scott was traveling and being excited about help with the dinner, baths and bedtime routine that night (or not lol)!  My selfish heart just doesn't like when my plans get ruined! 

I'm not exactly sure of the sequence of events since then, but one of our our other neighbors, Tom, has been a life-saver.  Scott stayed home from work on Friday and they hung drywall on the ceiling.  Yesterday they textured it and at some point we will put up crown molding and paint everything.  Most of the furniture in our room has been displaced to Noah's room and the older boys' room, so the good news is we are going to take advantage of that and also put down shoe molding and possibly repaint the walls.  We have been without a bed for a few nights and probably will be for a couple more, at least.  Ella asked us yesterday when our bed would be back because she missed sleeping in it :)

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Ella said...

oh no!! i'm so sorry!! totally understand stressing about the chaos. :( and it all sounds so oddly familiar...a similar thing happened to us about a year ago when Brian and our friend james were up in our attic putting in insulation...brian fell through our master bedroom ceiling with jake asleep beneath him on our bed. somehow he slept thru it all with debris surrounding him but nothing miraculously fell on him. James was able to pull brian back up into the attic. we were able to get it dry walled and patched but still to this day have not re-painted the ceiling. :( totally get the chaos thing in a very old house. :) so glad no one was hurt!