Photo Dump

I am so behind on this thing that I don't know of any way to catch up other than a huge photo dump, so here it is...  enjoy!

Scott surprised us with a free night in a hotel in Gainesville so Tricia and I (and the kids) could see each other before school started.  It had been FOREVER!  We ate dinner at Satchel's (an AMAZING pizza place), swam, hung out and the next day tried a Mexican restaurant that I had never been to before.  It was even better than La Fiesta.  Unfortunately I can't remember what it was called :)  The boys and I slept at the hotel and the girls had a sleepover with Sarah Jane at Aunt Tricia's.

Parker Street summer camp kids - I took group pictures of all the classes to be used on a display they needed for an event.



Ella and Noah working together to clean up a mess he made in the bathroom

Birthday party for one of our neighbors at Lake Bonny


Our little lego gal

Silly siblings

Caleb's belt test for karate - he passed and earned his green belt!

Piggyback ride

PSM Splash Day 2012 

 Our own Fat Jack having breakfast at Fat Jack's (still delicious after all these years)

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