Back to School 2012

Lots of changes around here this year...  A few weeks before school started (and about the time we received his materials for Florida Virtual), we got notification that Caleb's name had been drawn for Blake Academy.  We toured the school and decided to accept their offer just in case it ended up being something we wanted to do, but knowing full well we would have the option to withdraw him before school started if we decided to stick with our original plan of Florida Virtual School.  I will not use this as a platform to talk about our struggles with the decision, just know that it was quite possibly the hardest choice I have ever made (of course Scott and I decided together but I am sure he wasn't as conflicted about the whole thing as I was).  All of that to say that Caleb is no longer my student and has entered the world of brick and mortar school again for his 3rd grade year.  Sigh.  I wanted to walk him to class Monday but he would only let me go as far as the building his classroom is in.  We won't discuss how many tears I shed that morning as I prayed with him while we were driving to school, and walking back to the van, and the whole ride back home.  

Lillian began VPK this year at the same school Caleb went to and Ella is continuing the homeschool journey (her name did not get drawn and there is not sibling priority past entering Kindergartners).  We are using Florida Virtual (free) 1st grade curriculum for her.  She actually started on August 13 and I am loving it so far.  I think she likes it, too.

Lillian's Orientation (Scott wouldn't let me take any pics at Caleb's - lol)
Back-to-school breakfast: homemade cinnamon rolls, sausage and milk

LOVE this boy!

4 going on 14

Jackson doing his "school" at home

Momma's view
 Ella doing a PE lesson on yoga...  Jackson had to join in!

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