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Nothing major, but there will be plenty of time for big projects when our kids get older :)  I moved furniture around in the girls' room AGAIN.  I had tried their beds like this before but it didn't work with the old full-sized bed we had.  Now that we replaced that with the twin bunk beds, they all fit nicely together in this configuration.  It definitely opened the room up and made the flow a lot better.  I really want to get in there and repaint since the colors are still the same as they were when Caleb and Ella were sharing that room.  That was so three kids ago!  Ha!  Scott gives me a hard time every time I move furniture around (which is pretty often, so I guess he is getting used to it by now)...  I am getting an itch now to reorganize the boys' room so we can move Noah in there.

I moved the top half of the hutch that had been in our bathroom into the living room and turned it upside down as a TV console cabinet.  I have been looking at ones to buy but haven't found one I really love yet, so this will do for now.  Noah is definitely playing with his toys more now that they are all out instead of piled in a basket in the corner.

Three different people at Scott's work have given us some pretty cool stuff...  a bunch of new games and extras for the PlayStation 2, including Guitar Hero!  Scott and the kids have really been enjoying it.  Luckily it is all in the room where Noah is sleeping right now so they know they can't play when he is in there.

A mini trampoline with a net - this is perfect for Jackson and Lillian (and soon Noah).  They are loving having their own place to jump without getting bombarded by the bigger kids.

I have wanted one of these for a long time...  Scott's co-worker brought it to our house Friday night, along with a ton of Legos and Bionicle pieces!  Our kids have been building Lego creations pretty much non-stop since then!  The other 2 bins were being played with when I took this picture.

We have officially outgrown the Lego bin and now need to graduate to a larger one!

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Ella said...

This made me laugh because I am the same way about rearranging furniture, and Brian is the same as scott! i've finally learned to rearrange when he's not home, so he can come home to the better arrangement and not be frustrated by the process of moving things around until I like it. :) He is getting used to me though, and i think he appreciates it now. :)

i grew up with a mom who constantly rearranged, so i thought it was normal. :)