Celebrating Friends and Freedom

Yesterday was a fun and relaxing 4th of July!  Since Scott was home to keep the kids, I started the day with a step aerobics class at the gym, followed by breakfast at Mimi's with Austin.  We came home and hung out for a little while, then Scott and I traded roles and he left to go with Austin to a birthday lunch for his uncle at Five Guys.  When they got home, it was time to head to a party at our neighbor's house.  Everyone brought their own meat to throw on the grill and we all shared sides and drinks.  They set up a HUGE water bouncy house thing in their yard, and the kids went to town on it!

Unfortunately it started thundering about half an hour into the fun, so we had to move all the kids inside for a movie.  The men finished grilling under the porch overhang while the kids watched Toy Story 3, then they got to have a huge picnic on the living room floor while the grown-ups ate together.

The kids played a little bit longer and then we headed back home to set off some fireworks that Grandaddy brought over.  It was a fun time just hanging with all of our neighbors.  We are blessed to have so many friends close by - it's like a huge family!  I can't imagine it would be this way anywhere else but where we are... so thankful God brought us here to be a part of this community and share our lives with each other.

We did have a mild disaster after the kids were in bed when our washer overfilled and flooded our laundry room, but luckily Scott caught it early on before it was a major flood.  We just vacuumed out the water with our neighbor's shop vac and ran the spin cycle to get the extra water out of the clothes in the washer.  Not sure what is wrong with the washer, I am just thankful it happened when we were home and that I wasn't washing a stinky load of cloth diapers!

The kids got to bed pretty late last night and everyone slept until 8 this morning.  (Noah actually woke up a little before that but was content to play in his bed until everyone else was up).  I filled their bellies with whole wheat chocolate chip pancakes and now we are having a relaxing morning at home, while I have to keep reminding myself that it isn't Monday!

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