Summer Fun

Today we went swimming with some friends from church.  Caleb and Ella were at camp, so I only had three kids to worry about near the water and I had lots of help (I am super paranoid with my kids around swimming pools)!  

Later in the evening was a Family Bowling Night hosted by our church.  We got two hours of bowling and shoe rental for only $5.50, which is a great deal, and perfect for us because the kids have been begging for months to go bowling.  Luckily we have known about it for a while and could save up since there were six of us bowling.  I guess nothing is really cheap with a family of seven! :)  

Ella and her favorite Mrs. Christy

Noah is starting young!

Ella and some girls from her class at church

Sadly I won with a score this low!  We need to practice more!

I bet everyone will sleep well tonight!

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