Father's Day

Catchy title, I know :)

Friday night after our date night, I gave Scott some other small gifts I had for him (besides the new TV).  We are not good at keeping gifts a secret around here and most always give them early!  I gave him some Curve cologne and some GOP stationery I had designed and printed for him.  On Saturday he went golfing all day so the kids decided (with Papa's help) to make a scavenger hunt for their daddy to find his cards from them. Papa was such a good sport because they insisted that each of them have their own clues and their own hiding place.  Luckily Jackson was asleep, or it would have been multiplied by 4 instead of 3.

We spent Father's Day at Legoland and realized when we got there that Jackson has turned 3 since we got our passes and technically requires a ticket, but luckily they didn't question us even when we told him his age.  The parking lot was really crowded when we got there, but the park wasn't.  We think maybe a lot of people were at the water park, which we didn't want to pay extra for.  The kids had been saving their allowance for a while and each of them got to pick out something from the gift shop...  Jackson picked a Pooh Lego Duplo set, Caleb got a Captain America, and both girls picked a Lego Friends set - a picture frame for Ella and car for Lillian.  

We left Legoland by 5 and headed home to have dinner at our house with our dads!  I made chicken and dumplings and lima beans, both of which I cooked ahead of time so they just had to be warmed up, along with peanut butter fudge.  For the first time I did my dumplings from scratch...  not as good as my Grandma's but they turned out okay!  There are no leftovers so I guess everyone liked them!  It was a lot cheaper than buying the frozen dumplings, that's for sure.  I am so thankful for our dads and my babies' daddy!

Oh, and Noah said "ni-ni" (night-night) for the first time last night, so I guess the day wore him out!

 Clue # 1 was in the mailbox

 Touring the greenhouse at Legoland - somehow we hadn't done this on any of our other trips there

 Lillian was finally tall enough for this ride!  She LOVED it!

 Noah and I spent some time inside where they have private rooms for nursing mothers.

 Taken by Ella
 Taken by Caleb
 LOVE these two of Caleb and Noah.  He is such a good big brother!

 Lego Friends character Olivia

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