Today was the awards picnic for our Homeschool PE class. Caleb and Ella both earned National for Presidential Physical Fitness Testing. They actually made Presidential in some categories, but since it wasn't in all of them it didn't count. I am so proud of them both - we worked at home on several of the skills and they did make-ups on their own to get their scores where they needed to be to win National. Last year I invited Scott, Mima and Grandaddy for the awards ceremony and due to a mix-up Caleb didn't even get an award presented (even though he should have), so this year was much better (and of course I hadn't invited anyone in case the same thing happened again).

After the awards were handed out, we enjoyed lots of time on the playground at Lake Parker Park, along with a picnic lunch.  Everyone brought dessert to share.  Now our Tuesday mornings are free again, at least until the fall!

Caleb and his coaches, who will also coach his age group next year.

 Ella and the K/1st coaches

 Lillian sneaking a drink of soda!  Her coach wasn't there today for us to take a picture.

Sweet brothers swinging together!

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japm1944 said...

Way to go! Caleb and Ella, we are so proud of you both. Mima and Papa