Here is the front of our house a long, long time ago...  after we closed on it but before we even moved in!  There was a concrete walkway going around the entire house that was all cracked and broken.  My dad and I busted all that out several years ago, along with the dilapidated brick and stone leading out to the street.  My desire was to put a circular drive in front but the city didn't agree with our plans, so we will have to keep parking on the street.

This picture was taken sometime last week after the first color had been sprayed on but before any of the trim or accent colors were added.

I took this picture earlier today.  We are still waiting to hear back on a quote to fix the broken brick on the front stoop and we need to lay some kind of stone or brick walkway from the porch steps to the front curb. There will also be landscaping added in the near future.  I think we may paint the floor of the porch the same navy color as the accent color on the house and I would love to do something different with the steps if we could figure out a way to make the same paint stick to them.  The most amazing part of all of this is that we didn't pay one single penny for supplies or labor.  God is so good!  I can think of so many other ways He could deal with my heart full of complaints and discontent but in His grace and mercy he kindly gives me the very thing that has polluted my heart for so long.  


japm1944 said...

The house looks amazing!!!! We love you'll. Mima and Papa.

Ella said...

incredible transformation! it's beautiful!! love seeing the Lord's generous provision...even when you don't "need" it!