Happy 3rd Birthday Jackson!

How can it be that our sweet, crazy Jack Mac is three already?  Even though he sometimes talks like he is 6 years old, I still think of him as my baby...  maybe because for so long we thought he was the last one!  

Here are some pictures from his various birthday celebrations.  We had a party for him at Dinosaur World last Saturday.  Grandma and Grandpa drove over to see us and were kind enough to prepare some delicious food over the course of the weekend.  Yesterday for his actual birthday, he went to breakfast with Grandaddy at The Brunch Box (I was at a doctor appt. for Noah with all the others), lunch at Steak n Shake with Daddy and Mima, and dinner with Mommy and Grandaddy at Texas Roadhouse.  He had gotten a coupon for a free meal there.

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!  We love you so very much and continue to be amazed at how smart and sweet you are.  

Some of the pics are out of order...  but you get the idea!

Stopping for strawberry shortcake on the way home from Dinosaur World - just me, Grandaddy, Caleb and Jackson. 

 Lunch at Steak n Shake on his actual birthday

 Opening Grandma and Grandpa's card and present

 SOOO excited to see the dinosaurs!

 They let us bring in our own food and decorations.

 Caleb "running" from the dinosaur...  such a fun kid!

 Digging for real fossils - they each got to keep three things that they found.

 Back home - a new basketball hoop from Uncle Austin
Taco bar and salad bar - this is what Grandma and Grandpa did for everyone during the party.  It was a huge hit and so helpful to get home and have dinner ready.

Our present to Jackson - a plasma car (or whatever the generic equivalent is called).  Their cousins had these in Alabama and all the kids LOVED them (as did their Daddy).

After dinner we took Jackson for a birthday donut.  So stinkin' cute!  Don't you love his orange fingernails...  he insists on Miss Ashlee painting his nails too whenever she babysits and does the girls' nails.

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Ella said...

happy birthday, sweet boy!! what a fun day!! We sure do love you!