Grasping and Communicating Your Faith

Last weekend was Trinity's annual Women's Retreat, held this year at the Lido Beach Resort.  This was not only my first time leaving Noah overnight, but my very first retreat where I wasn't bringing a wee babe with me or growing one in my belly.

What an amazing weekend.  The message was relevant and all the speakers were so gifted... free wireless and use of the fitness room (which I utilized several times over the weekend) and hilariously fun roommates who weren't offended to have a Pump in Style in their room.  I shared with my neighbor earlier tonight that even though the retreat topic had nothing to do with parenting, I have felt such peace and joy so far this week with the kids, even during the challenging (or do they call those "teachable" ) moments.  I guess every Momma needs a day or two to regroup every now and then.  And I won a door prize - a monogrammed bath wrap and cosmetic bag!

As usual, Scott was a fantastic Mr. Mom.  I came home to a clean house, no laundry or dishes, and a sweet poster he and the kids made to welcome me back.  I swear they have more fun with him than me!  A few hours later he and I got to enjoy our weekly hot date together, so I didn't even have to cook dinner.  So thankful for a wonderful weekend!

Lunch on our balcony :)

During worship Sunday morning, we had a perfect view of the rainbow outside

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Ella said...

what a fun getaway!! and i absolutely love "1000 Gifts" it last fall...amazing!!