Be Magic

Caleb had the chance recently to attend an Orlando Magic Homeschool Day in Orlando with Scott.  We let it be a surprise, up until he got there with his daddy.  I wish I could have seen his reaction when he found out!

The day started with a hands-on basketball clinic taught by one of their youth coaches, followed by an afternoon at the Fan Fest, and then the game that night in the Amway Centre.  I found out about it by chance just a few days before, so I was thrilled that Scott was able to get the afternoon off work and take him.  That has been one of the biggest blessings of his new position at Harrell's - more flexibility for things like this (and for the extremely rare occasion that I may need a sick day like last Thursday - don't ask!).

I don't know a lot of details about the day, but I at least wanted to post a few of the pictures Scott took.

Caleb with Hedo Turkoglu (had to Google that one) 

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