LONG Overdue, Part 1

I am back to blogging again...  I think!  Until I feel overwhelmed again and then I may stop for a while!  Scott kept telling me how much he missed my blog posts which was so funny to me considering he is living right in the middle of our chaos!

Since I am the way that I am, I couldn't just overlook all the stuff that has happened since December and not put some kind of pictures on here.  So here is a Cliff's Notes version of what has been going on in our lives for the past 3 months...  I will separate the pictures by month.  Here we go...

 Harrell's Christmas Party

 Poke Pages during school time - who knew a toothpick could be so much fun?
 Noah enjoying solid food (brown rice cereal)

 Happy 8th birthday Caleb!  He celebrated early with a trip to Legoland with his Alabama cousins in November.  On his actual birthday, we had dinner at Olive Garden and an Angry Birds sugar cookie cake.  Our neighbor Jacob spent the night and we got donuts from a local shop called Hole in One that has the BEST donuts around, and super cheap!

 Christmas Eve Day - bell ringing

 Presents with Grandma and Grandpa - she handpainted these gorgeous piggy banks for the girls to match their bedroom (one of which was my piggy bank as a child)

 For the boys - handpainted Gator hangings for their room!  She also did a nutcracker.

 Christmas jammies!!!  Noah got a gator sleep and play but he fell asleep before the older kids opened theirs and didn't make it in the picture.
 Christmas morning - so fun!
 We hosted Christmas dinner at our house with friends, family and neighbors. 

 Sportin' the Dawgs colors for Grandma!
 Jackson did his sorting bears all by himself (and all correctly) for the first time!

 Noah made some new friends this Christmas!
 Caleb and Grandaddy with his combo birthday/Christmas gift.  That kid LOVES to read!
 Princess Lillian/Tiana
 There are two of Noah's favorite toys!
 Reading Science together
 Lillian's creation - a bristle block "neighborhood"

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Ella said...

love, love, loved the update and all the pictures!! looked like a busy and fun past few months! so glad you're back! :)