Visiting Winter, Another Stop on the Concert Tour

Friday was a very busy day!  We started off with a trip to Clearwater Marine Aquarium, home of Winter the Dolphin.  This was a follow-up field trip to seeing Dolphin Tale a few weeks ago at the movie theater (not in 3D, thank you very much).  I snapped a couple of pictures outside and promptly afterward my camera battery died  :(  The nice man who volunteered there as a tour guide was kind enough to snap a picture of the kids with Winter's prosthetic tail using his cell phone and then e-mailed it to me.  Aside from that, the whole trip is recorded only in our memory (heaven help us, my mom brain isn't up to par these days).

Later that afternoon, Karen picked me up and we headed to Orlando for another concert together.  This time I had an extra ticket for her so I got to repay her for the Hillsong concert she took me to! 

Scott had surprised me months ago with front-row tickets to the 2Friends tour with Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith...  quite possibly two of my favorite Christian artists EVER!  He told me when he gave the tickets to me that it was my teacher of the year gift :)  Sadly, he realized about a month ago that he would be out of town and couldn't go with me. 

It worked out really well because Karen's parents live literally a few minutes from the church where the concert was, so we stopped there for a quick and very delicious dinner, went to the concert and then spent the night there afterward, which is why I brought Noah.  He was a trooper and slept through almost the whole concert!  He started fussing when they came back for an encore and sang "Friends"...  can't say I blame him for that one!  The concert was amazing and I absolutely adored the songs Amy Grant performed - it was a lot of her really old stuff that I love but not the songs that always got overplayed on the radio.  They performed some seperately and then did a bunch of songs together.  Amazing night and what an opportunity to see them together on stage.  And, seriously, how have neither of them aged AT ALL?!?

Tonight I am taking all five kids to a Halloween party put on by one of Scott's co-workers...  praying we don't embarrass him since he won't be there to defend himself (or us - ha!) and then we all have to be dressed, fed  and ready early for church tomorrow because I am filling in for someone in the nursery.  Sometimes I wish my kids could sleep in their clothes for the next day!

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