What a Day!

My neighbor Tim, who is the director of Parker Street Ministries, brought a surprise visitor to our house today.  Danny Wuerfell was in town for the fundraising dinner PSM had last night and Tim knew my boy Caleb would love to meet him (and so would I)!  We will happily pause our schoolwork for an interruption like that!  Caleb and Ella got really shy all of a sudden when he came inside and Lillian was her usual goofy, crazy self.  Jackson just begged to play Angry Birds the whole time.  Caleb showed off the Gator shrine in his room (after some prompting by me).  Most people probably wouldn't think twice about Danny Wuerfell being in their living room, but he has definitely achieved celebrity status in the MacDonald household!   

Later on we were all playing outside and Danny (yeah we're on a first-name basis now lol) was gracious enough to take a quick picture with Caleb and Ella on his way out of town.  I couldn't get our gate lock opened so that is why he is standing behind the fence.

I joked with Caleb that my only picture with Danny Wuerfell is from when I was at a Gator game many years ago and my friend Jimmy took a picture of me with him in his Gator uniform about 50 feet behind me on the football field.

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christy said...

I am so glad you finally got to meet him.