Saturday was the official start of soccer season.  Caleb got to practice twice, but since the girls both have practice on Thursday, they missed the first one because of Lillian's birthday party.  Then there was a torrential downpour last Thursday afternoon so the fields were closed.  So Lillian, the only one with absolutely no experience playing any kind of soccer, had a verbal crash course from her Daddy on the way to the field Saturday morning.  Super effective for a barely-4-year-old.

Ella's game was first at 8 AM.  I was very impressed at how aggressive she was - and I don't mean that in a bad way at all.  She was not afraid to go after the ball when someone else had it, or kick it when she had it.  She even scored a goal!  Lillian's game was next at 9:30 and it was definitely the most entertaining.  They basically just ran around and took turns trying to kick a goal.  She didn't get a goal but that girl was a little running machine - she never stopped until her coach told her she had to take a water break.  She will very proudly tell you that she kicked the ball FOUR TIMES!  At one point during her game, we were all so focused on the players that we didn't even notice Jackson out on the field going after the ball, with Scott's phone in his hand!  I definitely see some soccer potential in that kid!

Caleb's game wasn't until 2 PM, so Scott and Ella took him back to the soccer field while I stayed home with the rest of the napping kids.  I rushed around to get some housework done and actually got to lay on the couch and hold Noah for a little while during his siesta...  so relaxing!  Of course my laundry is still a little behind but it was worth it to get some time with that sweet baby asleep on my chest.

Caleb has definitely progressed in his skill level since last year.  His team stomped the other team like 12 or 13 to 0 and he had a couple of goals.  They put him in as goalie for a bit but he didn't get to show off his mad skills because the ball never made it to him.  I guess that's a good thing!

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