Wedding Happenings

Saturday night was Karen's bridal shower at Infusion Tea in Orlando.  Her sister organized everything and it was amazing!  The food was incredible - they even had special kid-friendly fare for the little ones, and a dress-up corner that kept my girls entertained for hours!  I got to eat my first cake pop! 

We rode there with Tricia and Sarah Jane - we could all fit in one vehicle since neither one of us was bringing all of our kids.  We ended up staying overnight in Orlando at Karen's mom and dad's house.  Our three girls slept on an air mattress in the living room and we had visions of what a slumber party will look like when we have one - they didn't all go to sleep until 11:30!  We got our shoes for the wedding and Tricia got her bridesmaid dress.  Mine hasn't arrived yet.  I tried hers on and realized I need to lose an impossible amount of weight. 

I can't believe the wedding is only about five weeks away!

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