We wrapped up our study of China this week with a family dinner out at Peking House, one of my favorite Chinese restaurants here in Lakeland.  It isn't nearly as good as the one I went to as a kid back in Daytona, but that one is now out of business so this will have to do.  I like that it isn't a buffet, especially now that the kids outnumber the adults in our family!

We got beef with broccoli, chicken lo mein and some kind of shrimp and chicken dish and everyone tried a little bit of everything.  I really wanted the beef but unfortunately that's what the kids liked most so I ended up eating the lo mein (which was really good - and it had lots of veggies in it).  They all tried my hot tea and wanted a cup of their own and everyone had fun reading their fortunes.  It was a very enjoyable dinner out, which doesn't happen very often with a family of seven!

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