Geography 101

Today we read "How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World" as part of our Geography work for the week. I thought it would be fun to eat some apple pie to go along with the story, probably even more fun to bake an apple pie ourselves; but since that is my all-time favorite dessert and I would have eaten all the leftovers myself, I decided we would go somewhere and share a couple of slices between us all.

When I think of apple pie in Lakeland my mind immediately goes to Jimbo's or Reececliff. Reececliff won out this time, and we all loaded in the van after lunch to go there. The second we walked in, Jackson took off and started running laps around the whole restaurant. I still had the carrier and diaper bag in my hands so I asked Ella to go get him - she is usually the best at catching him. Then all the other kids decided they needed to join in the chase to be "helpful". The waitresses thought it was hilarious, the other patrons did not. They were even less amused when I got everyone settled at the table, Jackson strapped into a high chair and had to nurse Noah.

I looked at the menu and decided that since it was only a few dollars more, we would just get a whole pie instead of two slices. And then Ella didn't even like it (I'm not sure she is really mine) and Jackson hardly touched his slice. I hadn't eaten lunch yet so I decided I would have dessert instead of a meal and ordered a cup of coffee to go with it. By then I would have loved a shot of Kahlua in it! :) Just kidding, sort of...

At least I know what I am eating for breakfast tomorrow!

Side note: I can't believe they are all mine!

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japm1944 said...

That was such a funny story. That really made me laugh. Love the pics. Mima