Zoo Time!

Talk about a scorcher. Friday was the annual zoo field trip with the kids from summer camp and it was BLAZING. We had a blast but everyone certainly slept well that night! It was strange having both Caleb and Ella with their classes instead of me - but kind of fun to have that time with the youngest three. For the first time, I remembered my zoo cups so we could get 99 cent refills on drinks. Every year I have forgotten them and had to buy a new cup, so we have quite the collection going.

We met up with all the camp kids when they were leaving to fetch Caleb and Ella so we could stick around for a few more hours. I got to ride a kiddie roller coaster with Caleb and the log flume ride with Caleb and Ella, and then the kiddie train with Jackson and Lillian. We all rode the carousel. After we saw a few more animals and played in the splash pad for a bit, we decided we had met our heat quota for the day. When I say "we", I mean my Dad and me.

We had to bribe the kids with a stop at McDonald's on the way home to get them to want to leave! By the time I nursed the baby, changed his diaper and took all the others potty, it took at least 45 minutes until we were all loaded in the car. Jackson fell asleep in about 37 seconds once we started the engine, followed by everyone else in the car except for me and CB.

I heard the heat index that day was 106, but it sure felt hotter to me!

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