My bargain-hunter of a husband found a great deal on a TV for us. Ours broke a few weeks back and we had been using a spare one that is pretty small and has white lines running through it. It is fine for the kids to watch a movie but it just won't do for my episodes of Trauma Life in the ER, Hoarders or Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, and soon Gator football games (September 3 can't come soon enough).

Sunday Scott texted me about halfway through my workout that he needed me to come home because someone was giving away a 37" television on Craigslist but it had to be picked up within 30 minutes. I couldn't believe it! At the time, I had no idea how big a 37"television was, but all I cared about was that a) it worked and b) it was free. Scott and Austin went right away to pick it up (in the middle of a thunderstorm). Evidently it was extremely heavy and hard to maneuver into his truck. My poor husband had to ride home in the bed of the truck, in the rain.

I was pleasantly surprised when they got it home to see just how big it was and an even better surprise, the buttons are all on the top so Jackson can't turn it off and on constantly (I am pretty sure that is what broke our other one). What a blessing!

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Ella said...

love it!! i'm hoping something like that will happen again with another set of bunk beds for us. i keep checking craig's list...this gives me hope! :) and i love your new bistro table, by the way. looks great on your porch!