A Day in Tampa

Last Friday we finally made it to MOSI! I have been wanting to take the kids literally for years, and this year the summer camp kids went on a field trip and the rest of us got to tag along. We rode over in our van with Grandaddy and then Caleb and Ella got to explore at the museum with their classes while Grandaddy and I took Lillian, Jackson and Noah all around. We started with a science show, then a 3-D movie about dinosaurs, an exhibit all about the human body from conception on, a whole floor on weather and weather-related disasters, lunch with all the PSM people, an IMAX movie about orangutans and elephants, and then it was time for all the camp kids to head home. We met them all downstairs and I got Caleb and Ella so we could stay longer and do some more exploring.

We spend the next little while in the Kids In Charge area, which is similar to the Explorations V here in Lakeland (but a lot bigger with much more stuff in it). They had TONS of hands-on stuff and I wish we could have stayed longer. Unfortunately we had to hurry back to Lakeland. My friend Karen offered me a ticket to the Hillsong concert later that night and I needed to drop off Grandaddy and the kids and head back to Tampa to meet her at her house. Her parents and sister were there with some yummy food her mom had cooked. I enjoyed a quick meal and then we rode to St. Pete for the concert.

Noah was with me - his first concert and not even 3 months old! He was so good - I was amazed! Scott was on the backside of a migraine or I would have left the baby with him (although these days it seems like the baby is the easiest one - lol). We got back to Karen's at about 11 after a quick stop for a cup of coffee to help keep me awake, and I loaded Noah in the car and headed straight home. He slept the whole way and we were back by midnight. Unfortunately I don't have any pics from the concert.

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