Back to School!

Saturday was the Back to School Bash at the Lakeland Center. This is the third year in a row we have gone and Ella's first time to participate as a prospective student. I can't believe my sweet little girl is old enough to be in Kindergarten!

The first year we all went (at that time, it was just Caleb, Ella and Lillian who wasn't even a year old yet). Last year, I took Caleb by myself and this year I told Scott I wasn't up for it and if he wanted to take them he was more than welcome. Not wanting to pass up the opportunity for free stuff, he happily obliged. He took the oldest two while the others spent the morning at home with me.

Whoever is in charge of planning the event has made some major improvements in making it run more smoothly. We stood in line for HOURS last year in the miserable heat. This year Scott and the kids were home within a couple of hours with all their stuff and they even had fun activities set up for the kids to do while they were in line. Caleb and Ella each got a backpack with standard Polk County school supplies (no they are not going to school, but we can still definitely use the supplies for our school). It's amazing how excited they all got over new crayons and colored pencils - they have been coloring pretty much nonstop since Saturday afternoon.

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