Soccer Camp

Caleb and Ella started a week-long soccer camp on Monday. It is from 8:30 until noon and several of their friends from church are going as well. My friend Callie is actually taking my kids there every day and bringing them to me afterward - Scott drops them off at her house before he goes to work. That has been a HUGE blessing not having to load the other three in the car and try to work around feeding times for Noah.

They are also doing our neighborhood summer camp which runs everyday until 3 PM. After soccer camp ends they will be there all day, not just in the afternoons. Caleb has done it the last two summers and Ella was thrilled that this summer it was finally her turn! Normally I would only send them part-time but we decided this summer with a new baby at home it would be okay for them to go everyday. Plus they see LOTS of me during the school year :) It is very odd only having three at home, especially when one of those sleeps most of the time (for now)...

They asked if they could hold hands for this picture - how sweet!

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Just Robin said...

Oh, I bet the kids are having fun, I wish they offered stuff like that around here (for a reasonable price). I love the picture of Noah on the side :). Thanks for the birth story :).