Another Reason to Love Chick-Fil-A

Last Thursday the Chick-Fil-A at Lakeland Square Mall hosted a Daddy Daughter Date Night. Ella and Lillian got all dressed up and enjoyed a night out with their daddy. Scott had bought me flowers earlier that day and asked if he could give one to each of the girls - they were so excited to get a rose from him!

There was a preset menu for them to choose from, with ice cream for dessert! The girls got a goodie bag with a stuffed cow and free kids' meal coupon. There were even servers bringing food to the tables and refilling drinks. Lillian was thrilled that she was allowed to drink Coke - what a treat!

One activity they had was a card with questions on it for each of them to answer - my sweet husband e-mailed me all of their answers because he knew I would enjoy putting it on the blog. What a man! Here they are:

Favorite color
Lillian: pink and purple
Ella: all the colors of the rainbow
Daddy: red and blue

Favorite TV show
Lillian: Jake and the Neverland Pirates
Ella: Disney Princesses
Daddy: Criminal Minds

Favorite animal
Lillian: whale
Ella: dolphin
Daddy: elephant

Favorite food
Lillian: PB&J
Ella: Steak and cinnamon rolls (that's my girl)
Daddy: Meatloaf and chicken pot pie

Childhood memory
Lillian: Playing and relaxing
Ella: back massages, being old enough to get my toenails painted, relaxing and this date
Daddy: going to baseball games

Place you want to visit
Lillian: Mima's
Ella: Granmommy's
Daddy: Ireland

Summer vacation idea
Lillian: Disney World
Ella: Beach and hotel
Daddy: mountains

One thing you love about Daddy
Lillian: hugging him and kissing him
Ella: how I scratch his back
Daddy loves about Lillian: how crazy and silly she is
Daddy loves about Ella: how helpful and kind she is

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