Happy Mother's Day!

This year I have had more like a Mother's Weekend than just a Mother's Day! Friday night I got a night out with Scott. We ate at an Indian restaurant in town that we had a Groupon for. I have been there once before and fell in love with the food - it was his first time and he liked it a lot, too. After dinner we went shopping and he bought me a new Vera bag for Mother's Day. I adore this pattern and I am excited to have a bag larger than any of my others for overnight and/or weekend trips. This will most definitely be my hospital bag when baby comes!

Saturday morning I got to sleep in since we always have to get up early for church on Mother's Day. I awoke to breakfast in bed cooked by my kiddos (with Daddy's help, of course) - scrambled eggs, english muffin and freshly brewed coffee. After I finished eating, Scott took the older three kids to Lowe's for a Build and Grow clinic. This time they made a little bud vase holder with a heart on the front. This was Lillian's first time participating in one and she loved it! There were two other dads from church that took their kids - here is a picture of all of them together. Next up was more shopping - Scott came back home to pick up Jackson and I sent everyone on their way with their lunchboxes. Earlier in the week, Caleb decided that he wanted to spend his own money on a present for his Momma, and then everyone wanted to contribute. More later on what they got me! Last night after I got dinner ready and the kids bathed (Scott was outside putting together our new swing set), I got to go eat dinner at Chipotle with Austin and his mom. He even bought our food in honor of Mother's Day!

Sunday morning this is what I woke up to on our dining room table. Quite an impressive gift wrapping job! Unfortunately I didn't get to open it right away because we were rushing around to get ready as early as we could and go out to breakfast somewhere. We made the mistake one year of trying dinner out on Mother's Day and it was a nightmare, so I decided that we could try breakfast instead and maybe it wouldn't be so crowded. Breakfast with my family at Mimi's Cafe - YUM!! I splurged on eggs benedict and it was so good. We got to the restaurant just after 8:00 and didn't have to wait at all. By the time we left, the lobby was full and it was only an hour later.Back at home and we had enough time for me to open cards and my present before church. This is what the kids got me. I saw this print last summer when we were at the beach and fell in love with it. Scott and I were browsing in a shop at St. Armand's Circle in Sarasota and I remember at the time I almost teared up reading it because it was so sweet. And I was still mourning the fact that I didn't think we were having any more babies (ha!)... and I thought it would look PERFECT in our house because we have almost those same exact colors on our walls - yellow in the kitchen, sage green in the dining room and a cranberry in the living room. Anyway, Scott and the kids found it at the Hallmark store in the mall and got it for me. What a perfect Mother's Day gift!

After church we took lunch to Mima and Papa's house and shortly we will be enjoying a cook-out next door with a bunch of our neighbors. What a fun, relaxing and perfect weekend. I am so blessed!

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