A First for Me...

I just got a copy of this picture today, but it is from the "Case for Life" banquet we went to several weeks ago for A Woman's Choice here in Lakeland. In case you don't know, we are standing with Mark Schultz, an amazing Christian artist whom I love. We actually saw him in concert many years ago with Ginny Owens and Chris Rice and I was captivated by his raw talent - even in an acoustic setting then he sounded just as amazing as on his albums. And what a gifted song writer - his lyrics are beautiful. That concert still ranks as one of my favorites of all time!

Harrell's was a sponsor of the event and we got to attend the banquet and VIP reception beforehand, where Mark Schultz gave a private concert and mingled with the crowd. I have never met someone famous before! I realized after the fact we should have told him that Scott danced with his mom at our wedding to one of his earlier songs!

It was a wonderful event, one of the best I have attended. The speaker was relevant, the food was actually good and we had a wonderful time. Thanks A Woman's Choice and Harrell's for a fun (and free) night out with my husband. And thanks Grandaddy for keeping all the kids so we could go.

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