Fun With The Girls

I had a great time Saturday with my friends Tricia and Karen in Tampa. It was very strange not having any kids with us - both of Tricia's were home with her hubby and Scott had all of ours back in Lakeland. He even took all of them to a movie at the cheap theater, by himself, right at naptime! Even I am not that brave! The best part was that Jackson and Lillian were both free. He also treated them to $1.99 Happy Meals for lunch - they will never want me home on a Saturday again!

We spent the day shopping around for a baby book (which I never found one I liked), getting a massage for a whole hour (thanks Tricia for that early birthday gift), strolling through a Whole Foods store (I have been wanting to go there forever), window shopping at the mall and eating a completely uninterrupted dinner at Cheesecake Factory. We ordered dessert to-go and finished our night off back at Karen's house with yummy cheesecake and chocolate cake. Karen got me a new Gator shirt which I will be excited to wear this fall (baby weight be gone!). I ended up staying there Saturday night because Scott didn't want me to drive home late at night, and then headed home early Sunday morning in time for church.

It was so fun walking in the door and having all the kids run up excitedly to see me. Their Daddy gets that every day after work and I always think it is the sweetest thing, so it was nice to be on the receiving end of that kind of affection!

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