Football Fun in the Off-Season

Photo by Caleb

Last Thursday we went on a tour of Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and USF Bulls (and the Outback Bowl once a year). What a neat field trip! We didn't get to see inside the locker rooms because they were using them as part of setting up for a special event later in the week, but we did get to go on the pirate ship for as long as we wanted (along with lots of other places inside the stadium)! Scott was able to take the day off and go with us, and Grandaddy also tagged along.

The highlight of the day for this pregnant momma was lunch afterward at a great restaurant near the stadium called La Terasita. I ate an entire large cuban and bowl of black beans all by myself and polished it off with some kind of guava and cheese pastry... more calories than I have consumed in a day (much less one single meal) in a very long time! It did feel nice to be full for once, though! Unfortunately I continued to feel full for most of the rest of the day and was reminded of my gluttony with some serious acid reflux later. I still have to say, it was so worth it! :)

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