A New Year and Lots of Fun

What a fun first week of 2011 we have had! We had our usual New Year's Day meal after watching a Gator victory. School is back in session for us - we are on track to finish our school year on May 20 if we plug ahead with no breaks, May 27 if we take a week off for Spring Break. I will see how I am feeling later in the pregnancy to decide which path we take. I also need to decide what work, if any, we will do over the summer.

Other highlights included a trip to Parkesdale Farms for strawberry shortcake and a free trip to Chuck E Cheese thanks to the generosity of some of Scott's drivers and warehouse guys who gave him a gift card and tokens for Christmas. We finished off the week with a hot date on Friday night and then breakfast at Chick-Fil-A. We had free coupons for the new spicy chicken biscuit. Caleb took Jackson all the way up the playplace and he LOVED being up there with his big brother!

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These Three Kings said...

Your babies are getting sooo big!!! Happy New Year!!