Birthday Fun A Few Weeks Late!

Caleb's TY note, designed by me. I used different photos from his party on each one, depending on who the card is for. He will handwrite a note in the bottom portion.


I am finally ready to sit down and write Caleb's birthday post... I think I have been avoiding it because I knew it would make me an emotional mess to do it, so this one may not be as sentimental as usual. Gotta love those pregnancy hormones!

Let me start with a little recap of events. I posted pictures from his skate party, which was actually the weekend before his birthday. On his actual birthday, he and I enjoyed a birthday breakfast together at Fred's Market where they have a $5 buffet weekday special. We came home and he got to open presents from us, then we played all morning until lunch. Scott got off early that day because of the holiday so he and Grandaddy took Caleb to Steak n Shake to use a free birthday lunch coupon Caleb had gotten in the mail. After that, his Daddy took him to the comic book store to pick out a new comic book and then he tagged along for Scott to get a haircut.

For dinner that night we went to Outback with Mima, Papa and Grandaddy (Caleb's choice, and thankfully Scott had received a $50 gift card a few days earlier that paid for our meal). We waited FOREVER for our seats and then it was a little hectic with all the kids, even with a bunch of grown-ups there. I ended up leaving early with the younger three, so I missed Caleb getting a free ice cream sundae from our waitress in celebration of his big day. I had made a chocolate cake with chocolate icing (again, his choice) so we had that once everyone got back from the restaurant. He went home with Grandaddy that night to spend the night at his house.

A few days later, we went to Cold Stone to get his free birthday ice cream. It was freezing outside but the coupon was about to expire, so we decided to take the ice cream to go and eat it in the van while we drove around and looked at Christmas lights. Caleb discovered a new flavor we all loved - mint ice cream with oreos mixed in!

Birthday spankings from his siblings!

Silly faces!

Presents from Grandma and Grandpa

My sweet Caleb, I can't believe you are seven years old, you are growing up way too fast! I am in awe everyday of the compassionate young man you are becoming. I love our afternoons of watching Food Network (Guy's Big Bite) together and have found such joy in being your teacher this year. You are so intelligent, such an eager learner and an absolute joy to teach. I look so forward to our one-on-one school time when your siblings are resting, and to hearing your prayers during Bible time every morning. You are so patient with your siblings, encouraging them and redirecting/distracting them when they are sad or frustrated... something even I am not that great at all the time!

You encourage me so much at mealtime when you ALWAYS thank me for your food, compliment whatever I make and eat lots of it, even if it is leftovers or something boring! You aren't afraid to admit when you have made a mistake and apologize for it. You tell me you love me all the time and that I am the best mom in the world, when really, I am the lucky one to have such an incredible son. I love you so much and I thank God every day for making me your momma!

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