Backyard Fun

We are loving the little spurts of warmer weather that have been happening... lots more time outside and hopefully a reprieve from our $450 December utility bill - UGH!!! Remind me again how much I love our historic home, please... and our pre-lit Christmas tree with 1,000 lights!

The kids have been instructed that the only places they are allowed to dig in the yard are the sandbox and the spot where our garden grows. They went to town with their shovels the other day and did this:Needless to say, they all went straight to the bathtub when they came in!

Another morning we decided to take our school work outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. After we read for a while, Grandaddy stopped by and we decided to light a fire in the fire pit and make s'mores. We kept slipping on the millions of acorns in the yard, so I bribed the kids and offered them money to help me clean up, mainly on the patio... a dollar a bucketful. They all were so joyful about helping and did a wonderful job of working together, even Jackson. They didn't fight over the two small broom and dustpan sets; instead they took turns using them and picking stuff up with their hands. At the end of it all, they had collected 6 buckets full of acorns and the patio was spic and span!

I thought for sure they would be bored after a bucket or two, so my original plan was to pay them a dollar each for all the buckets but I had to change that and divide the $6 among all of them (which they were still thrilled about). I wonder how they would do pulling weeds?!? :)

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These Three Kings said...

hahah! Love this! They look like they had a blast!! I cant wait for the summer! your utility bill sound A LOT like ours...we're missionaries for pete's sake! geez!