How Many Days Until Christmas?

We are slowly trying to get our Christmas decorations up. The tree is up, but only partially decorated. The inside decorations are done but we haven't even started on the lights outside. Scott has been picking on me lately (lovingly, of course) about my lack of energy in the evenings. I try really hard to have the kids bathed and in their pj's before dinner and he usually gets home right about the time dinner is ready. Once I get the table cleared and the kitchen cleaned (usually while he is playing with the kids), I am DONE for the night! I find my favorite spot on the couch and watch Wheel of Fortune with whatever kids stray in, they brush their teeth and then he puts them to bed.

All of that to say I don't know when the tree will get finished, unless I have a magic spurt of energy one night! It wouldn't bother me so much except that there is a huge ornament storage box in the middle of our living room. We let the kids hang some of their ornaments the other night. We splurged on Palace Pizza take-out for dinner (a meatball pizza and garlic knots - YUM) and then they each got to hang five ornaments. Maybe we can finish this weekend!! Or maybe we should start our Christmas shopping first so there will be gifts to put under the tree.

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Ella said...

everything looks beautiful!! I am LONGING to do that as well, but i don't think it's going to happen. I'm still holding out hope for the house to be miraculously done...maybe we'll be putting up a tree on christmas eve! ha!!