A Funny One...

Today we were in the van heading to a new park that opened downtown. Somehow we started talking about Adam and Eve and how we are all descendants of them. Caleb (who wasn't trying to be funny, it just struck me that way for some reason) said "You know how our father teaches us stuff? Well, Adam taught us all to sin." That kid cracks me up sometimes. He definitely has his dad's gift of putting smiles on peoples' faces.

In other news, our dishwasher and dryer broke within days of each other this week... not too long after my wedding ring broke and we found out there are a bunch of other things wrong with it (worn-down prongs, etc.) that would require a hefty repair bill. And we are having some weird plumbing issue where the washer isn't draining correctly - water overflows out of the drain pipe (and all over the laundry room) and backs up into both sides of the kitchen sink. Merry Christmas to us... Do you think the kids would appreciate new appliances for Christmas?

After hand-washing my dishes for three days I am left wondering how Ma Ingalls had any quality time to spend with her children with all she did by hand. Well, off to wash some more dishes. At least I haven't had to bleach my sink at all this week. It has never been cleaner! And I am being reminded of my need to pray for contentment and remember that He is in control, even when it seems like everything around me is spinning out of control.

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Ella said...

wow! your plumbing issue sounds very familiar...we had a clogged drain in our washing machine, and it ended up being a hole in our pipe (which is why we had our whole front yard and driveway ripped up!! joy!!) But thankfully you have a conventional foundation, so if that's the problem, it wouldn't be as destructive to fix.

I'm so sorry...i can relate to your contentment issues. merry christmas to us!! (and we are definitely planning on coming the week after christmas...and no, sadly our house will be no where near done)