Thanksgiving Recap... A Little Late!

I realized at the end of the day Thursday that the only pictures I took the whole day were of our Thanksgiving feast. Oops! So here is a little written recap of our day with a few food pictures sprinkled in.
We began our morning with sausage balls for breakfast while we watched the Macy's parade. I had done most of my food prep the day before so it was fun just hanging out with my family most of the morning instead of slaving away in the kitchen. Scott and I did some last minute cleaning up and then the cooking began.

As usual, there was way too much food but everything was delicious. Grandaddy smoked a turkey and ham; Grandma and Grandpa brought homemade dressing with sausage and mushrooms in it, cranberry and apples, and a blueberry dish that is one of my favorites... not to mention yummy peanut butter pie! Mima made green bean casserole and Cissy brought pecan and sweet potato pie. I made sweet potato casserole, corn casserole, crock pot mac and cheese and some fruit and veggie platters for snacks. Then yesterday Caleb and my mom made a homemade apple pie just for me! I feel like I have been eating nonstop since Thursday! I was so full on Thursday that I didn't even eat a turkey sandwich until Friday morning. I just couldn't wait until lunch!
So much to be thankful for and such a special time with family and friends... Thanksgiving is truly one of my favorite holidays. We are so blessed! We missed all of our loved ones who couldn't be here with us.

Ella wanted a cookie cake for her birthday so we decided to have it Thursday when all the family was here to celebrate. You can't beat the cookie cakes at Sam's! She wanted chocolate whipped topping on it. Here are a couple of pictures from our mini-celebration - thank goodness I remembered the memory card that time!

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