Number 5 is Alive!

Talk about the surprise of our lives... I went in October 4 for an annual check-up with my GYN and left his office with the amazing news that we are expecting! We were not planning for this - as far as I knew we were done. It's no secret that I wanted another baby, but I was praying through and learning (or attempting somewhat unsuccessfully) joyful submission to my husband in this area. It's never easy, is it?!?

We obviously hadn't done anything permanent yet, but we were preventing (NuvaRing since I know you will ask). It's pretty idiot-proof, which is why I chose that method. I knew I would never remember to take a pill everyday. So in the midst of life with 4 and starting to homeschool this year, as I have been weeding out all things maternity and baby, we are reminded lovingly that God is in control and his plans were different than ours! We are amazed, thrilled, and oh so blessed to be where we are right now. I am not worried at all about adding another little one to the mix. I am somewhat concerned about space issues with all of our kids having only 2 bedrooms to share, and the fact that we only have one bathroom, but who am I to question such trivial things.

Oh I guess you are probably interested in the details... I am 8 weeks and 6 days along (as of today), due June 4. The baby measured at 2.3 cm yesterday with a heart rate of 168. Aside from a bout with the stomach flu, I am feeling great. I have given up Diet Dr. Pepper - anyone who knows me well can attest to what a huge deal that is! We will not find out what we are having... we caved with Jackson and found out ahead of time and we both like the surprise element so much better! We do have a couple of names we are throwing around - ones that we have liked in the past but not used. The kids know and are happy about the news... When they found out, Caleb told us 5 kids would be really hard and Ella asked where the new baby would sleep.

MacDonald family, party of SEVEN... who knew? :)


Ella said...

hooray! i was waiting for you to post about this!! another miracle macdonald baby...2 months apart and our babies already have so much in common! :) (my baby's heartbeat was at 168 at my first appointment as well. :) now it's back to the 140's...where all my other boys have always been).

hooray for #5!! we're so happy for you all!

Rebecca said...

Congratulations! We are excited for you. It makes me a little nervous since we usually have babies a few month after you :) It was obviously Gods plan for you to have more than 4!