Happy Birthday Mima!

Mima's birthday was actually Sunday, but we had a little celebration dinner for her last night here at our house. I made chicken and dumplings and actually tried (for the first time ever) to make the rolled dumplings from scratch instead of just using the frozen ones from the store. Luckily my mom had a recipe that she thought was the one Grandma always used (well, she never actually used a recipe, she just knew how to do it). I told Scott that I'm sure my grandma was looking down on me laughing at my sloppy attempt to replicate her culinary specialty.

We also had lima beans, strawberry romaine salad (I will definitely have to share the recipe for that one sometime soon) and peanut butter pie for dessert. I had lots of little helpers in the kitchen with me throughout the day. I guess yesterday our curriculum was all about home skills! Good thing we have an extra day to make work up since we use a 4-day/week curriculum. :)

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japm1944 said...

Thank you Trisha,Scott,and Kids for the wonderful birthday dinner and cards. Trisha, the meal was wonderful, and the peanut butter pie was amazing.