Fun Friday - Science

We use a 4-day curriculum for homeschooling so on Fridays we do a variety of things... sometimes we play catch-up if there was something we missed for the week, or I supplement work in areas where I think the kids need extra help. We have also been getting together with our neighbors who are using the same curriculum as us to do science experiments or arts and crafts projects.

Today was a science day! We followed up with our study on volcanoes and made one. We took the project outside and had the kids build the volcano out of homemade clay (flour, salt, water and food coloring) formed around an empty water bottle. Paper mache is another option, but we thought it might take too long to keep our young'uns' attention. Once they had their volcano just the way they wanted it, we added the baking soda, water, soap and vinegar and then watched it explode EVERYWHERE, way more powerful than we thought it would be! I'm pretty sure we all got splashed! The kids loved it and it was a super fun and cheap project to do - all the things we needed were items in my pantry.

After that we took the kids on a nature walk to pick out leaves and they did leaf prints (a little behind on this one - we studied plants and leaves last week). Caleb and I did another project for that reading assignment where he added food coloring to water in a cup, then put small pieces of celery in it. Since the water has color in it, you can see how it is absorbed into the celery stalk after just a couple of hours.

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