Checking In...

No, I have not given up on updating the blog. I don't usually like to wait this long between posts, but our house has been hit with a terrible stomach bug. More specifically, Scott and I... at the same time. UGH! It has been MISERABLE. We both came down with it late Sunday night/early Monday morning and I am just now feeling back to normal again. I very rarely get sick and never for longer than a day.

Scott is still fighting a terrible migraine, I'm sure from being dehydrated. Thank the Lord for my dad who took the kids all day Monday and made dinner to bring over, and Papa who came over to help with feeding the kids and bedtime Monday night. Ella and Lillian had touches of it last week so I am waiting for Caleb and Jackson to get it... praying they don't! I always joke that I wish I got sick more so I could lay in bed all day. I will never ever say that again! Moms should never get sick!

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