What Laundry?

I got a hot date with my husband on Saturday courtesy of some free game tickets he got to the UF vs. USF game! Grandaddy watched the kiddos at his house and we got to spend the whole day together in Gainesville, just the two of us.

It was miserably hot - the heat factor was 110 degrees and the humidity almost 70% - gotta love The Swamp! Oh well, anything for Gator football! :) We ended the day with dinner at Outback (Scott's favorite) and Baskin Robbins chocolate-peanut butter ice cream (my favorite)!

I had a wonderful time but came home a little overwhelmed at all the housework I didn't get to do on Saturday, so then today Scott was kind enough to fold the whole week's worth of laundry that I hadn't gotten to yet. Love that man!

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Ella said...

love that picture of you and scott! :)