Happy Grandparent's Day!

Today we had Grandparent's Day dessert at our house to celebrate the holiday. We missed you Grandma, Grandpa, Papa and Granmommy!! Spoiler alert - the kids made you a little craft so don't look at the pictures if you don't want to see it ahead of time since I didn't get them in the mail early enough (as usual)... We had lots of arts and crafts time this past school week!

Caleb, Ella, Lillian and Jackson love you all so much and feel so blessed to have SIX wonderful grandparents!

And Aunt Cissy we enjoyed celebrating with you even though you aren't our grandparent, but a grandparent nonetheless!

Wreaths and other goodies for the grandparents and some homemade (coffee filters and pipe cleaners) watercolor flowers for Aunt Cissy.

"Make your own ice cream sundae" bar!

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japm1944 said...

Thank you, Caleb,Ella,Lillian,and Jackson. WE loved everything. Thanks, Scott and Trisha. Mima and Papa