The Week of Haircuts

I finally gave in... I didn't want to because I just wasn't ready... but I decided to do it and get it over with. I surprised Scott and did it while he was at work and then took Jackson there to see him. He has been wanting Jackson to get a haircut for quite some time.

My baby boy officially looks like a toddler now. He has aged about 2 years in the span of 15 minutes!
Before (playing in the fire truck chair)

Snipping the souvenir lock of hair for our baby book...

Let's see how fast we can do this without Jackson putting his hands in the way!

Moving on from the clippers to the scissors...

All done!!

What a handsome little boy!


Brian and Ella said...

oh my goodness! he does look like such a big cute! i still haven't taken the plunge with jake yet (unless you count my unfortunate bangs mishap). one of these days he'll visit the barber and be a big boy, too. i'm sure i'll cry.

japm1944 said...

Jackson, your such a big boy. You are so handsome. We love you. Mima and Papa.