We Miss Tebow

Scott got a bunch of free tickets to the Gator game this weekend - season opener against Miami-Ohio. We also got a parking pass and tickets to the Bull Gator Club, where you can go and get yummy (free) food during the game. We got hooked up! It's fun to see the Lord provide not only for our needs but also sometimes for our wants.

The Gators played less than stellar - we did win but not by as much as I thought we should have. Of course I am thrilled about our victory, but I was more excited for Jackson since this was his first Gator game... and I loved that our whole family got to go together!

It was a noon game so we had a chance afterward to spend some time at Aunt Tricia and Uncle Chris' house. We had a delicious barbecue meal together and then got to bathe the kids and get them all cuddly in their pajamas for the ride home. Now everyone is snoozing and I am ready to join them - Jackson's early mornings the last couple of weeks are catching up with me! Although I must say, getting up at 6 every morning gives me plenty of time to get lots of stuff done before we start school for the day.

I'm so excited football season is here and that I finally got to hang up our "We Interrupt This Family For Football Season" sign!


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